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Our Team

All Our Instructors....


  • Our Instructors try to help ALL their students experience some degree of success, overcome fear, and give sense of accomplishment to students

  • Do not assume students who make the trick first, do it the best

  • Is Patient with students

  • Understands a student must be motivated to learn, therefore, a good coach will himself be passionate and motivated to teach (act as a model) and thereby motivating students

  • Makes skaters feel it’s OK to make mistakes, that falling is part of the learning process

  • Focus on making students comfortable executing skills

  • Focus on student attention, supervision, and direction

  • Keep parents involved and informed about progress of student, and welcome them to watch the skate sessions, and even assist in training (esp on halfpipe)

  • Are professional, positive, and portray a positive image of skating by good appearance and attitude at all times. Profanity and insults, bullying, laughing at others are not tolerated with Instructors or students

  • Adapt and adjust their approach to accommodate children’s behavior

  • Promote awareness of safety, consideration of others, and a clean skatepark

  • Are all sponsored skaters who are very talented!!


Glen Charnoski

Glen is an American Pro Vert Skater, orginally from Philadelphia, PA. He has been skating for 35 years!! He has competed and toured around the world for 25 years, earning the #1 Overall Master BowlRider in 2007. He was also the Asian X-Games Coach for the Malaysian Skateboard Team. He was the personal coach of Alex Brunelle, now a Pro Skater living in California. He has been teaching skateboarding for over 10 years, and has had formal study in childhood education, psychology, and biology. Glen speaks (basic!) German with the kids and understands some Swiss-German. He can also speak French. Glen also enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and mountaineering. Glen brings his passion and enthusiasm for skateboarding every day, sharing all he knows about skateboarding and its culture.

Glen's strengths are identifying kids needs and matching them to tricks and terrain. He teaches every aspect of skateboarding, but mostly enjoys teaching on the half-pipe. He continues to learn new tricks, always willing to work on new street tricks with the kids, especially the kick-flip! 


Glen is currently sponsored by Conspiracy Skateboards and Doodah Skateshop (Bern)



Manuel Scharer

​"Manu" is a very talented street skater, sponsored by Doodah. He has been with LETS SKATE for 3 years. He is a Bern local, and can be found skating at Weyermannshaus and all over the streets of Bern. He is such a patient and friendly guy, who has much patience and understanding with the kids. He has endless energy and can skate all day long! Manu has many tricks to share, he has lots of technical tricks too to show off. We are lucky to have Manu on our Staff!!


​Billy is a Bernese Legend!! He rips! He can skate anything (street, half-pipe, bowl). Billy has been teaching for LETS SKATE for years, and his energy and passion to skate and teach seem endless!  He is great with the kids....he explains each trick in detail and gives great demonstrations of the trick we are learning. He is patient, willing to put in lots of time to teach kids new tricks. He is really fun to skate with and is always smiling and laughing and joking around, but is really serious about safety and talking about skateboard culture. He has won many games of SKATE as he knows so many tricks, old-school and new.

Eva is a very lively and friendly skate girl who loves to skateboard and teach! She has been with Let's Skate for 3 years and can skate street, mini, ramp and bowl! We are proud to have her on our team, especially for the Girls Only classes.

​Louis is one of veteran and very talented skaters. He is passionate about skating, of course, and about teaching he is a kid himself! Louis is patient, always positive, and relaxed. His strengths are in street skating.


Kir is one of our newest members of Let's Skate. He is a calm and patient teacher, and helps kids mostly with street skating. He is motivated and always willing to help!


Ich bin fünfzehn Jahre alt und habe zwei grosse Brüder. Ich skate
seit ich 11 Jahre alt bin. Ich habe mir die Tricks auf dem
Skateboard meistens selber beigebracht. Dafür habe ich Tutorials
auf YouTube geschaut. Nach einiger Zeit fand ich Freunde, die
auch skaten und mit denen ich mich jetzt austauschen und treffen
kann. Ich habe für manche Tricks fast ein Jahr Übung gebraucht,
um sie zu können, wie zum Beispiel für den Kickflip.

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