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We at LETS SKATE Skateboarding School offer classes and camps that teach kids the thrill, fun, excitement, and creativity of skateboarding in a fun and relaxed way.  
Many Children do not enjoy and thrive in Team Sports, like soccer. Many quit these types of sports due to loss of interest and boredom resulting from too little participation. The strict rules, overzealous parents and coaches, uniforms, little creativity, and pressure to win the game also contributes to children quitting these sports.
Our Skateboarding Program offers kids an alternative to team sports.  There is no pressure to “win” and perform for someone else in our program. After introducing all aspects of skateboarding and practise under close support and supervision, our skate classes offer students the power to choose what aspect of skateboarding they want to pursue during the course, giving confidence in oneself and high self esteem.
Skateboarding presents students with “real life” challenges that can be used in everyday situations. (Overcoming fear, increasing confidence, working with others to solve a problem, being aware of others and our environment, working hard to achieve something meaningful, developing friendships, etc.)
We have experienced Staff, who skate and teach well, dedicated to our #1 goal: Teaching kids skating in a fun and safe environment!

We play games to add fun while learning

We add "Funtests" (instead of contests) to show others what you can do and to earn prizes and recognition!

Personalized attention to each skater to maximize interest and learning


We go swimming in Summer!! And play Football at Weyermannshaus bad.

We decorate our griptape with paint markers!


We learn about skateboard repair and maintenance

We learn about local skateparks and skateshops in Switzerland

We meet new friends that we can skate with every week!

15% Gutschein at #1 Doodah Skateshop, our sponsor!

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